ChatGPT Document Processor

🌐 Language Intelligence Platform using Python, Flask, and OpenAI ✨ Developed a robust Language Intelligence Platform using Python and Flask, integrated with OpenAI for advanced natural language processing capabilities.

📂 Key Features: User Authentication: Implemented secure user sign-up and login functionalities using MySQL database for storing user information. Document Handling: Enabled users to upload documents with a focus on PDF files. Utilized PyPDFLoader for document loading and OpenAI for embeddings. Document Processing: Implemented a character-based text splitter for efficient document processing, with support for large documents. Vectorization: Utilized FAISS for vectorization and storage of document embeddings, optimizing retrieval speed. Query Processing: Developed a Retrieval-based Question Answering (QA) system using OpenAI's language model, allowing users to process queries against uploaded documents. Session Management: Implemented user session management for a seamless and secure user experience. 🔒 Security Measures:

Implemented secure password storage using hashed passwords in the database. Ensured secure API key management for OpenAI integration. Secured document uploads and processing to prevent unauthorized access. ⚙️ Tech Stack:

Backend: Python, Flask Databases: MySQL for user data storage NLP Services: OpenAI for language understanding Document Processing: PyPDFLoader, CharacterTextSplitter Vectorization: FAISS for efficient document retrieval 🌐 Deployment: Deployed the application on a local server for seamless interaction. Users can access the platform through a user-friendly web interface.

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