Hi everyone! I am Artur! I have 5+ years of experience in software/web application development and launching (view all my skills at the bottom) and 2+ years of experience in blockchain development.

I like to use flexible Agile Methodology (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) which can show fast and quality results.

Moreover, I'm interested in:

  • software architecture;
  • abstractions, subject formalization;
  • object-oriented prototyping;
  • functionality planning;
  • project management.

I prefer participating in new projects with innovative technologies. During my free time, I'm learning ASP.NET Core. --- Here is the list of ALL TECHNOLOGIES AND METHODOLOGIES I use:

{​​Development}​​: Ajax; ASP.NET MVC; Entity Framework; C#; Git; JavaScript; jqGrid; JQuery; KnockoutJS; LINQ; NHibernate; OpenXML SDK; Razor; SignalR; SOAP; TFS; ; Twitter Bootstrap; Visual Studio; WCF; Web API; ElasticSearch; Lucene; RabbitMQ; Octopus

{​​Database}​​: MS SQL; Oracle; NoSQL(Cassandra)

{​​Software}​​: Jira, Redmine, Confluence, Slack

{​​Methodologies}​​: OOP/OOD, SOLID, Design Patterns, TDD, DI/IOC, Highload systems, Multithreading programming, Agile (Scrum, Kanban)

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